As we did for Arthur, here is the Emilien Birthday project for thursday. The plan is I made this icon that you all can wear, of Emilien smiling, or Emilien smiling cause his boys win, in order to make him remember those moments and hopefully smile again. image

And the other thing is, tweeting him your #reasonswhyIloveEmilien on his birthday (you can mention me @charthurmilien in so i can rt if you’d like or something as he follows me so he sees nice messages on his tl on his birthday) but i guess i’ll follow the tag anyway to rt them, the point is make this boy happy because if you are a pic fan you know how important he is for the boys and how happy and strong he helps them be, and everything and he is just awesome and he deserves a great birthday, so don’t forget to get tweeting your #reasonswhyIloveEmilien on thursday ♡